The social network over telephony service

Out Loud is the first Conferencing and 1 to 1 enabler dedicated to any type of social networks.

About Out Loud

Out Loud is composed of marketers and engineers with extensive experience in the telecom world

The company has been created with the firm belief and experience that some Social interaction still need to be done over the phone.

Telephony broadcasting
Streaming talk shows
Anonymous speed dating

The Out loud services

Our services are available to allow content editors to either create a community through Services (speed talk or allow existing community leaders to communicate differently with their followers (Talk show, Telephony broadcasting).

Telephony broadcasting

Users can connect to a one direction live or recorded broadcast

(Used by radios, teachers, preachers, etc.)

Outloud Talk show service

Streaming talk show

Users dial in and are in a waiting room until they are connected to the talk show host, conversation may be streamed live and/or recorded (FB, Youtube, etc.)

Speed talk

This service is made for content editors that want to create a speed talk service for people sharing the same passion, or dating or just for the fun of talking to people they dont know.

B to B services

Users dial in, record their welcome message and then connect to other users randomly or based on sex for anonymous discussions.

Anonymous Click to call for

Dating services

OutLoud connects to existing Social networks (Tinder likes) and offers the possibility to take the discussion to the next level by allocating a unique number for 2 users to discuss anonymously

Anonymous client to

Supplier communication

This allows companies that need to communicate with their clients during a specific period of time without disclosing ither party’s numbers - Services such as Chauffeuring (Uber like), Delivery (Deliveroo, DHL, etc…)

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